The Bloop Troop

A ruthless barbarian, a hair-splitting master archer and a knight in shining armor are brought together in the battlefield by a common enemy- a formidable fly. What ensues in this battle of epic proportions tests everyone’s skills and takes an age-old war that every human has wanted to win, to a whole new level.



Directed By : Ram Singh
Produced By : Vivek Singh Sidhu
Character Design : Kshiraj Telang, Ram Singh
Storyboard : Sonny Santos
Pre Production Design : Ram Singh
3D Layouts : Ankit Rawat
3D Previz : Rahul Gupta
Technical Lead : Sagar Karwa, Aarchish Jain
Rigging : Aarchish Jain
Animators : Rahul Gupta, Dishi Arora, Rajesh Gupta, Pinki Naskar
3D Modling : Ankit Rawat
3D Texturing : Ankit Rawat, Anoop Ramdey
Lighting and 3D Visual Development : Sagar Karwa
Production Cordinator : Pooja Dogra
Sound And Music : Orange Byte Studios
Typography Design : Deepak Dogra
IT Support : Pradeep Dabas
Public Relations : Agnishekhar Chakraborty
Copywriters : Vivek Mangipudi, Shrishti Jain


~ by ramnation on September 16, 2016.

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